Would You Recognize an Alien if You Met One? - By: Jeffrey Donahey

Some scientists think life exits on other worlds orbiting distant stars. These scientists also mostly believe no aliens are on earth because they are too far away, they could not get to earth in any reasonable amount of time. Some scientists have said maybe aliens visited earth millions of years ago but none are here today. Many people think aliens exist. So you find yourself in a minority that believes aliens exit and are living on earth at this time. Is there a way to prove you are correct?

So you decide to be an alien hunter and capture one. I have some questions for you. Do you know what an alien is? Do you know what they look like? What is a good place to find them? How will you prove you found or identified one? How would you capture one? Is it legal to imprison an alien? Is it legal to kill an alien?

What is an alien? Most people have seen science fiction movies that have depicted myriads of aliens. They would probably say they know what an alien is or at least what it looks like. It would obviously be quite simple to identify something as alien if it does not look like a human or any known animal.

How do you know if something that looks human in form and shape is not really human? Maybe run a DNA test to see if it matches the Human Genome. Do you know how to get a DNA sample? How long will it take to get the DNA test results? Do their ears look different like Mr. Spock’s on Star Trek? Some people have very strangely shaped ears. Spock had green blood. How are you going to get a blood sample without them noticing?

Maybe an alien would have an unidentifiable blood type. They might have unique teeth. Are you going to be able to do a full dental exam? How about only four digits; sixteen fingers and toes altogether. Maybe they had a finger on each hand amputated because of some industrial accident where they got caught in a machine? Are you going to ask them to take off their shoes? I don’t think you are going to find a sixteen digit alien barefoot at the beach getting a tan.

Some people think Bigfoot is an alien. Some say Bigfoot is psychic. That is why it is able to evade capture, it can only be seen when it chooses to be seen. It knows when you are nearby. It can read your thoughts. It can cloud your vision; it can make you overlook what is right in front of you. How could you ever find a Bigfoot if it has all these extraordinary powers?

What would you do if you did find a Bigfoot? Would anyone believe you if you did find an alien? I don’t think anyone would view a photograph as solid evidence with all the “photo-shop” software available. A photograph, digital or otherwise, would be dismissed as a fake.

There are several movies of Bigfoot but none have convinced the public that the movie is of a real Bigfoot. Most people don’t think Bigfoot exists, so you have a double burden of proof. You need to prove the movie is real and that Bigfoot exists. Proving a creature like Bigfoot exists might be done by finding a skeleton. Further DNA testing might show that it has no match to anything found so far on earth.

So now if some former skeptics believe a creature like Bigfoot is real, will they only be convinced you have found one by bringing in a real live Bigfoot?

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Author Resource : Jeffrey Donahey is a teacher at a Michigan community college and he got his current job while pursuing his hobby of making steel tube framed bicycles. He loves the outdoors and has spent many enjoyable hours riding the different bicycles that he has made. He also likes hiking in the Rocky Mountains, skiing, ballroom dancing, and Salsa dancing and he has danced in several dancing showcases. He is a man of many talents and has a wide variety of interests.