Email Mishaps - By: Connie H. Deutsch

Did you ever write an email and send it to the wrong person by mistake?

When I got my first computer and discovered emails, it was such a wondrous experience. It was also a frightening experience since I am technologically challenged and my first major accomplishment was learning how to turn the computer on and off without destroying everything in the process. (Another story for another day)

Then I discovered the message boards!

I was a newbie and this particular message board consisted of a group of people who had been together a long time and didn’t welcome newbies. So, I was on the outside.

Still, when an issue grabbed my attention, I felt compelled to answer the person who had posted it. And, needless to say, it was not well received. They only wanted their own friends to post their responses.

During this time, I became friends with another newbie (we were the only two newbies in that group of piranhas) and we started talking to each other about our experiences. I had expressed my opinion that these narrow-minded people were the kind of people I would never invite into my home

I might also say that as a technologically challenged newbie, I didn’t know how to find other message boards, nor did I know that other message boards even existed, and so I stayed with this group of nasty people. I also must admit that once I decided they weren’t the kind of people I wanted to get to know, I didn’t try to get them to like me.

My friend, on the other hand, liked to be liked so of course she tried to get them to like her. One of these posters took a liking to her and a dislike to me.

One day, my friend and I were grousing about some of the shenanigans some of them were pulling and she emailed me about this woman who liked her and disliked me, and she had some very unkind things to say about her.

She thought she had sent me that particular email but, almost immediately, that woman wrote her back and lambasted her for her hateful email and she realized that she had sent it to that woman and not to me.

Somehow, she got herself out of that mess but it taught me a valuable lesson... check the SEND TO box a zillion times before you hit the Send button.

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