The Significance of Water in your HCG Diet - By: Stella Richard

The crux of a successful HCG diet is sufficient consumption of water. A lot of water is needed to help sustain through this program especially because the dieter is on a very low calorie diet. Most Vancouver based HCG experts recommend a minimum of eight glasses of water every single day. On some days you may even need to consume a little more than that. Here is a list of reasons why consumption of water is so crucial to your diet –

1. The primary objective of this diet plan is to facilitate quick and consistent weight loss. Water consumption acts as a catalyst to enhanced metabolic rates and thus it is important to constantly keep yourself hydrated at all times.

2. To be able to increase your metabolic rates, it is important for you to consume the perfect amounts of water. Additionally, dehydration can result in bloating of the body, since your body tends to hold the water as reserve in cases where they aren’t getting enough. This results in adding more pounds to your weight and consequently working against the objective of your HCG diet in the first place.

3. The lack of water intake can also result in constipation. This further adds to your weight and even stalls the weight loss process. If you consume water on a regular basis as per the generally prescribed norm, you can not only prevent this from happening, but also avoid feeling exhausted, getting sick and building on your personal ability to sustain the diet.

4. The extra water consumption facilitates easy digestion of food, thus boosting your diet in general by providing your body with all the necessary nutrients. A good balance of micro flora in your intestinal tract further ensures that your body doesn’t lack the energy that it requires to function every day.

5. Water also helps in ensuring that your appetite remains low. A few sips of water can help you sustain through your next scheduled meal, hereby ensuring that you aren’t motivated to cheat in between meals. By consuming water regularly, you can easily avoid snacking and wrong eating habits.

6. Water is vital to weight loss in an HCG diet. Water flushes out toxins in your cells and organs and helps improve the overall performance of your body. In addition to this, while one is losing weight, the fat begins to break down in your body. Water helps you flush out the unwanted by-products. Contrastingly, if you aren’t able to flush out these products your body will be susceptible to lack of energy and other unwanted effects.

One cannot emphasize enough on the benefits of this calorie free beverage. Not only does it offer all the necessary minerals that a human body demands, but the extra benefit is that water contains not added sugars, preservatives and additives that can harm your body.

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