Do Not Compromise on your HCG Diet – Come Holiday Season! - By: Stella Richard

Come Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas, many dieters tend to start worrying about whether or not they will be able to pull through the holiday season. Sticking to the HCG weight loss diet when everyone around you is feasting on all the delicious and elaborate meals can definitely be a challenge. The first step towards not caving in on your desires is by being committed to the regimen since the supplements that you would be consuming during this period help control your hunger.

In spite of that, it is believable that all the sumptuous food that is being served during this period can be extremely tempting. Here are some simple steps that you can follow when you are trying to stick to your HCG weight loss diet during the holiday season –

1. If you are planning to just start your diet and the holiday season is on the horizon, it is recommended that you commence your diet around the same time as the holiday. This is because, on the first few days of the diet, the dieter is encouraged to east as much as they like, and if you are able to schedule it correctly, you can easily make the most of the holidays.

2. It is important for a dieter to stay extra committed to the diet. If you end up cheating, you are simply getting into the rut of snacking when not required, constantly feeling guilty which in turn tends to result in more snacking. Emotional eating is a common phenomenon while one is on a strict diet. There is no such thing as a ‘little’ cheating, especially on a strict low calorie diet where even the slightest shift from the recommended regimen can jeopardize all the hard work that you may put in thus far.

3. Instead of frustrating yourself over these questions, the simple thing to do is find ways to encourage yourself to stay committed to your diet. Do not give yourself any options, and you will be surprised how powerful personal determination can get.

4. It is understandable that while you are at a family gathering, there will be a lot of people who will try to lure you into breaking your diet or eating just a little bit of the foods that are not on the accepted list of your HCG weight loss plan. Though they don’t really intend to destroy your diet, their hospitality may be difficult to fend off. Many experts from Vancouver on HCG weight loss recommend that you are prepared for these situations by bringing with yourself foods that are permitted, or share recipes with your host so that you can eat along with everybody else during the festivities.

The idea behind surviving the holiday season while on a diet is to stay as committed as you can to your end goal. This is a true test to your dedication and it is sure to bring you great results at the end of the day.

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