Places of Interest near Lower Green, Kent - By: Mark Edward

Located near the Royal town of Tunbridge Wells, Lower Green is a village of Kent blessed with natural beauty and places to enjoy your day around. Lower Green is considered as a part of Pembury, Kent and was merged with four other hamlets in 20th Century. Transportation facilities in the Lower Green Kent include buses, trains, taxis and Lower Green taxi rental services. There are plenty of places near Lower Green area that are worth seeing. The major recreational and entertainment places near Lower Green Kent are in the Royal town of Tunbridge Wells. Some of the must see places near Lower Green are mentioned below:

Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery

Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery is a place that is a must see when you stay at Lower Green Kent area. The Museum offers a wide collection of Toys which include dolls houses, Noah's arks, toy soldiers, trains, board games, jigsaw puzzles and a lot more, Tunbridge ware including decorative marquetry and wood ware which was made in Tunbridge Wells from the late 1600s to the 1920s, Natural History with more than 28000 specimens, Costumes and Textiles with approximately 7000 items of clothing and accessories from the 1700s, The Ashton Bequest, Local History, Fine Art, Archaeology, Social History, Coins & Paper Money and much more. Managing your trip from the airport can be a little tricky if you are new to the United Kingdom or the Lower Green Kent area. Hiring Lower Green Airport Transfers is a good idea so that you don’t need to worry about the roads and directions.

Bayham Old Abbey

Bayham Old Abbey is a place of impressive ruins which are mostly from the 13th to 15th Century. These ruins can make you day memorable and worth discussion. The ruins consist of Church, Chapter House, Gatehouse and much more. It is an English heritage property and is maintained and looked after by the English Heritage. The Bayham Old Abbey is located on the Clay Hill road in Lamberhurst, Kent. The ruins of Bayham were partially modified during the 18th century in order to provide a more pleasing and charming landscape feature. This modification was done during landscaping of Bayham Abbey Mansion Park. The ruins of Bayham were donated to the state in 1961. The ruins lie within the valley of the river Teise. If you are planning to visit the Bayham Old Abbey, you can easily get taxi services in Lower Green to and from Heathrow and all other major airports of the United Kingdom.

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