Me and My Blog - By: Amy Thomas

I am a person interested in writing and reading blogs. I literally enjoy the aesthetics of blogs as well, as and when I crawl across the blogs. I started noticing that some blogs had really excellent outward appearance. The idea of beauty seemed to be very different and that is when I realized that there was something to do with content management system too (CMS). Certain CMS like Joomla, wordpress, Drupal etc., provide themes that are quite different and attractive that gives a pleasant look to the blog.

This realization induced me to have a web designer to design my blog with the help of some CMS. When I consulted a few friends who were technically vibrant and had experience with creating many blogging sites, they suggested having my blog designed with Joomla as I am a person loving visual feel of the blog. On research I realized that Joomla is visual CMS and can be a good choice for me to apply for my blog.

The next question that hit my thought was whether I myself can learn Joomla so that I can have even my website designed by myself. I understood that learning Joomla is not really an easy job but then it is worthwhile. And there started my journey to learn Joomla. It was quite tricky but then I fond learning it very interesting after which I planned to deploy what I learnt in my own blog.

Joomla is a great tool for blogging. After having a Joomla set up in order to start using it for blogging. I started giving structure to my blog with the help of sections and categories that helped me to have related blogs sectioned together and to categorize the blogs I write.

Creating sections with Joomla is just an easy job when I log-in to the backend administrator. I found a Section Manager option when I hovered over the top navigation and that helped me to create sections for my blog. And then I scrolled over to the category manager that served me the purpose of categorizing my articles.

Good that I made my blog look beautiful but without content how will my blog be ranked or who will search of my blog? Something that would keep my visitors stay on my blog is the interesting content. So with Joomla I started creating articles which are nothing but the post that we make with usual wordpress or blogs. This piece of content is what is going to appear on the blog that is going to go live.
Article manager is the option that helped me to do this task. I was able to add menus and links which aided me in keeping my blog more interactive.

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