Visiting San Francisco for the First Time - By: Erin King

There is nothing like visiting San Francisco for the first time. Not only is there the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most iconic landmarks in the United States, there is also Chinatown, Alcatraz, and more! The city is one of the world's premier hot spots for tourists and it’s easy to see why, starting with its endless list of one of a kind things to do and affordable accommodations offered by its many luxurious, yet cheap hotels. If you are coming from Europe, especially London, you will be surprised with the amount of affordable places to stay you will be able to find there. San Francisco and generally most of the cities in the US offer great hotels and hotels for resonable prices.

The city puts a lot of effort into drawing in more tourists by offering up scale hotels with all the amenities, at reasonable rates. One of the best things to do when visiting San Francisco for the first time is to take one of their deluxe city bus tours which are narrated and lasts for up to 4 hours. Guests learn about the proud past of the area and how it eventually turned into the city it is today. The tour will share stories about how the city was almost completely destroyed by a fire and earthquake in the early 1900’s and how its famous Chinatown and Golden Gate Bridge came into existence. If that’s not enough, the tour of Alcatraz will not only show you the intricate layout of the infamous prison and what made it so inescapable, it also tells stories about the notorious criminals the prison held, and makes for an entertaining afternoon.

The city itself has a lot of personality, and always has, which is why a first time visit to San Francisco is always an exciting one. You’ll be able to experience its eclectic combination of cultures and the fun personalities that make the city so famous, just by walking down its many charming streets as well as exploring Fisherman's Wharf. There are also amazing selections of restaurants from fresh seafood restaurants, to spicy Mexican food, to the gourmet lunch trucks that are so popular in California now. The city's club scene is extraordinary and if you're into a laid back place to enjoy a casual drink and an appetizer, San Francisco has a fun variety of pubs and taverns as well.

There is a lot to do, a lot to learn, and plenty of places to simply relax in San Francisco, making it not just one of the best places to take a vacation in United States but in the world. Best of all, the cheap hotels in San Francisco will definitely fit every eager traveler's budget.

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