How to Create Awesome Free Bike Logos for Your Local Business - By: Tammys Beckers

The idea of using an image of a bike in your local shop’s brand mark can give the creator quite a creative block. That is because the image of a bike is quite boring and there are nothing exciting to play with here.

But here’s my question to you: Is it necessary to use a bike’s image in your brand mark just because you are operating a bike’s business?

Absolutely not!

On the contrary, creating an emblem that is predictable makes it quite boring and undistinguishable to the customers.

Below mentioned are some awesome ideas for your free bike logos:

For The Images:

Instead of using images of a bicycle in your trademark, use images that refer to the qualities of a bicycle; that is speed, efficiency, authority and momentum. Here, you can take inspiration from an animal or a mythical creature to represent your business. For example, you can use an image of a fox as this animal and fast, sleek and sharp or an image or Thor; mythical God known for his power, authority and aggression. You can also create symbolic reference to your business nature like crafting an image of a wheel with angelic wings or a silhouette of a person riding towards the sun set.

For The Colors:

The colors of the emblem would mostly depend on the business image that you are trying to portray. If you want to send the message that you mean business and that you are an aggressive and determined firm, then the colors that are most appropriate for you are dark and solid colors like black, red and dark blue. If you are selling children’s bikes and want to create a soft, playful and comfortable image of the company, then you can use bright and happy colors like yellow, green, turquoise or light blue. For a business that wants to portray a serious image, it is better to limit the colors in the image to less than 3 but for a brand mark that is playful, using color can work to your advantage. But even if you are giving the image in your trademark a colorful touch, make sure that the background is in one solid color that complements the colors in the image.

For The Fonts:

Similar to the image and the colors, the fonts in the emblem should also depict speed, acceleration and movement. So, here, you can use fonts with italic effects or give the text slanted effects so that they look as if they are moving and create cool bike logos.

In a nutshell, you don’t have to use an image of the product that you are selling in your brand mark. Instead, you can rely on the product or company values and use it to create an image that is distinct and innovative.

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