Vegas Helicopter Tours Fly Over Grand Canyon - By: Keith Kravitz

Anyone traveling to Vegas must opt for a tour to the Grand Canyon. The best way to visit the West Rim is going to be by taking a helicopter ride. A basic tour that a lot of choose is the classic air tour. This one flies you to the West Rim and back. If you want, you can upgrade by including tickets to the Grand Canyon Glass Walkway. You may also decide to land at the canyon's bottom. This is merely an example of the excursions that await you. If this has fired up your imagination with possibilities, please read on. I've got considerably more to share with you.

Tours for Everyone!

If you choose to land at the west airstrip, get ready for an incredible experience. Start with walking 70 feet beyond the side of the rim using the internationally famous glass bridge. After that, enjoy lunch and use the free shuttle to some fascinating nearby lookouts. One popular bottom landing flight takes you 4000 feet down to the base of the canyon. Here you can enjoy a Champagne picnic with your family and friends. While at the base, why don't you upgrade your trip to include an incredible steel-pontoon boat ride down the Colorado River? Vegas is the only place from whence travelers can descend to the bottom of the canyon and take part in such incredible adventures.

Prime Time!

The perfect time to fly is in the morning. This is when visibility is best. Air is usually more stable (less turbulence). Having said that, if you can't RSVP a morning flight, think about a sunset trip when the canyon's high cliffs are at their most dramatic. Helicopters hold up to six people along with the pilot. Seating will be based upon weight and there are front-seat upgrades available. Endeavor to fly in a deluxe helicopter like the EcoStar 130. These aircraft feature 180-degree windshields and are generally designed for theater-style seating so everyone receives a picture-perfect look at the National Park.

Items to Bring

I always tell people to bring their digital cameras and camcorders along with them. Confirm they are thoroughly recharged the night prior to your departure. If you're photo happy like me, take with you additional memory sticks. Extra batteries are invariably a wise idea. Don't worry if you get caught up in the adventure and forget to snap pictures. Most choppers include digital cameras that record the entire flight for you. These DVDs cost you extra but the quality is superb and worth every penny.

Landing an Awesome Deal

Purchase your trip at a minimum three days before your desired departure date. Helicopter tours are popular and it's not unusual for them to be sold out. A lot of people don't get in the air mainly because they wait until the final minute. Follow my "three-day" rule and you'll steer clear of disappointment. Next, book your trip over the internet. Trust me, the best discounts are over the internet, not inside the hotel lobby. Buying travel on the web is safe uncomplicated. To steal a line from Geico Insurance, "Even a caveman can do it." Really, saving cash on air tours has never been easier.

Up, Up And Away!

Las Vegas helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon are a incredible way to explore the very best of the Seven Wonders of the World. Flight time to the West Rim is just 45 minutes, making these rides the consummate day trip. The selection is big, too, ranging from thrilling air-only flights to adventurous landing tours. Come one, come all. The canyon calls. And there is no better way to triumph over it than in a helicopter directly out of Vegas.

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