Interest in Tenerife - By: Andrew McFarlane

The Island of Tenerife takes pride in a number of small towns worth mentioning with respect to either their captivating primeval architecture or many other aspects such as celebrations and festivals or for simply being places of interest in the confines of the Island. These are Puerto De la Cruz, Santa Cruz city, La Orotava, Los Realejos as well as La Laguna.

Puerto De La Cruz

This is perhaps the oldest city most frequented by tourists in the whole of the Canaries. The city has over the last century become a favourite relaxation spot for tourists from all over the world who love the warm sun as well as scores of outdoor beach activities under the outstanding coastal climate.

Places of interest in Puerto De La Cruz

Contemporary structures have been introduced to the city's landscape to augment the already magnificent architectural works of geniuses from the medieval period. These include the small fishing village that gave rise to the city, the old customs house known in the local Spanish lingual as Casa de la Aduana, the fortress of San Felipe as well as the greater expanse of Ranilla. One of the most famous of the modern structures in the city is the Lago Martianez. Another is the Taoro Park. The park blows its trumpets on lush vegetative gardens endowed with numerous varieties of flora unique to all the continents.

Santa Cruz

This is the capital of Tenerife and ranks second amongst the most frequented attractions on the Island. The city bustles with activity being a transport hub through the Santa Cruz seaport. The present day city covers an extensive area which exhibits modern structural designs, some of which are known throughout the world. The city is endowed with numerous parks, plazas as well as boulevards idyllic for a leisurely stroll through the serene city.

La Orotava

The town is located on a lush vale known by an identical name. The urban township has a great cultural heritage owing to a number of monuments and buildings found within its confines. Amongst the most frequented architectural places of interest in the town are the porches, a number of monuments, plazas and ancient laid-back domiciles.

Los Realejos

The urban township of Los Realejos is found below the vast slant of the Las CaƱadas del Teide mountain range. The coast of Los Realejos is characterised by black sand on the shores alongside the picturesque view of the vast ocean.

La Laguna

This is the embodiment of history in the entire expanse of the canaries. The most prevalent historical site is the San Cristobal de La Laguna. The facility was established in the year 1497 on the lakefront of a lagoon that desiccated in the last century.

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