Francisco Pizarro - A Prominent Spanish Conquistador - By: Andrew McFarlane

They were a grouping of voyagers and the armed forces. As a result of their exemplary performance, they conquered much of the South American territory. In the process of discovering Southern America, they came across precious gemstones, gold as well as silver and this led to accumulation of so much wealth on their side. They also came across numerous plants native to South America which they went ahead to introduce in the Kingdom of Spain. These were different types of fruits and veggies. As a result, they were regarded with utmost respect and honour and earned themselves a high-status position in the Kingdom. Besides Francisco Pizarro, other household names when it comes to renowned Spanish Conquistadors are the likes of Hernando De Soto, Vasco Nunez de Balboa and Christopher Columbus.

His exact birth date is not known to many. However, it is believed that he was born in the town of Trujillo in the Estremadura region of Spain either in 1471 or 1478. He grew to be for the most part of his time an outstanding leader. He was largely known as the El Viejo, Spanish for the 'old one'. This is perhaps because of the fact that he happened to be the senior most age wise. In the midst of the people of the Inca community, he was referred to as 'Apu Machu'. As tradition would have it, high ranking conquistadors like him were entitled to be part of the regal family but Pizarro declined to be part of the nobility.

His most remarkable achievement was when he sailed aboard the Alonso de Ojeda and established a colony in Santa Maria. The Darien protectorate in Panama happened to be the first to be achieved by Europeans on American territory. It was here that he founded the city of San Sebastian. He steer headed another expedition alongside fellow countryman, Nunez de Balboa where their mission happened to be the first by Europeans to discover the Pacific Ocean.

In another expedition led by Espinosa, also a fellow countryman, Pizarro discovered the present Mediterranean coast of Costa Rica. He settled here and became a coastal merchant until later in the early 1920s when he received backing for a mission headed to the southern region of Panama. However, the mission was not a success as the treasures discovered did not equate the value of the funding input to facilitate the expedition.

Upon returning to Spain, Pizarro was awarded the titles of the Captain general and Governor. This meant that he was responsible for ruling over all the regions he had conquered during the numerous expeditions that he had undertaken throughout Spain. In the present day he is regarded as a great Spanish explorer and conquistador whose legend lives on after many centuries owing to his successful missions and brilliant judgemental skills with respect to enemy troops when he was a military chief.

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