Estepona Parks - By: Andrew McFarlane

Los Reales de Sierra Bermejo

The park is to be found to the south of the Ronda Mountain range and to the west of the province of Malaga. Forests are a common feature of the in the entire region of the Ronda Mountain range. Sightseeing has since overshadowed the practice of agriculture owing to the higher returns as result of the neighbouring coastal strand.

Plant life

Spanish fir is the most prevalent of all forms of plant life within the forest landscape. Others worth mentioning are coscojas, juniper, and blockheads and pine groves. Varieties such as the denim gorse, palmetto, the Moorish gorse, rosemary and the thin piorno can be cited on soaring mountains.

Wild life

Estepona is home to an array of untamed life. Such are wild cats, otters, mongooses, the roe deer and wild goats. A number of birds are also available, the most prominent being the eagles, hawks as well as tawny vultures. Amphibians such as the common toad species and the salamander are a familiar sight. The eslizon, leprous tortoise and a variety of snake species are common of the reptiles.

Sierra De Las Nieves

This amazing park is found at the hub of Serrania de Ronda region in Malaga Province. It has bottomless ravines and beautiful cliffs. A number of limestone potholes in the park came into being as a result of natural limestone reactions. Such is the G.E.S.M, which is third in the world going down for a depth over a kilometre. Sierra Blanca is the hosts the uppermost peak of Torrecilla which climbs to an altitude of 1919 m. Coniferous woodlands are a rare gem taking us back to tertiary ages characterized by Spanish Fir. It is an extra ordinary fir type on earth. The land is so uneven, with bottomless ravines, far above the ground cliffs and gorges featuring Alpine folding.


At the mountaintops, rainfall and mist are ordinary. Spanish fir and gall oaks thrive well here whilst holms and cork oak flourish in lower altitudes. However, other little varieties such as ashes, chestnut trees, maples, madronnos and yews and are also available in the region.

Animal life

Mountain goats are a huge family of animals in Andalusia. Almost unique for being one of two untamed type of huge hoofed mammals' inhabitant at the park to the deer. Mountain oxen have been introduced to the park. Others are a type that is sheltered by the act for instance the golden eagle, the otter and wild cats.

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