Tour the City of Alicante - By: Brian Petit

Alicante is found in the northern region of the Costa Blanca on the Mediterranean seafront. As per the customary perspective, it was the coast set aside for summer holiday vacations. The city of Alicante is a household name amongst tourists who have visited Spain or look forward to knocking on its doors. The city has built its identity by means of an appealing yachting marina, numerous restaurants that serve seafood delicacies flanked by bars for exquisite Spanish wines and a thrilling nightlife.

Places of Interest

The city of Alicante traces its roots back to the pre historic era. Therefore, a substantial amount of attractions are found in the historical quarter. These include the gothic architectural masterpiece that is the Santa Maria convent. Amazingly though, the building that houses the church was originally a Moorish mosque. Another of its kind is the Santa Barbara castle.

For those who crave exceptional beach experience, Alicante is unquestionably the place to be. The city is endowed with a lengthy shoreline that offers all types of indoor and outdoor beach activity. For worshippers of the sun, the sun kissed sandy shores present you with ample space to lounge under the warm sun on a sun bed while going through your favourite journal, sipping excellent wine from Spanish vineyards or even lazing around. The rather adventurous can engage in beach sporting activities on land or extend their dexterity to the waters by surfing, skiing as well as snorkelling.

For the lovers of history, there are a number of museum facilities that give you the opportunity to connect with the good old times. One such place is the Plaza de Toros Museum which is largely inclined to chronicling events archetypal to bullfighting.


Nearly all restaurants and terrace cafes in Alicante serve classic seafood inspired Spanish delicacies such as Calamari, Paella and mussels served in red wine. The restaurants acknowledge the fact that not everyone likes seafood and therefore serve burgers and Pizzas among other alternatives.

Night life

The night life in the city of Alicante resembles no other. There are many bars, clubs and discos where revellers get the opportunity to dance to varied music genres till the wee hours of dawn. In most of the clubs and bars, you will be served tapas, a delicious seafood recipe. Alongside the already mentioned are international bars themed to suit the preference of all types of tourists.

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