European Freight Forwarding Companies - By: Paul P Atherton

The current economic crisis that is looming over the UK is damaging many businesses. However, European exports are offering an integral part of the government's plans to help boost the UK's struggling economy. There is an increasing requirement for British factories to distribute their produce to the stronger European countries continuing to flourish despite the global downturn. The British pound (GBP) is decreasing in value against the Euro, meaning that exports are an attractive package for member states, such as the Netherlands and Germany. The Scandinavian, non-Euro countries, including Sweden, Denmark and Norway, are also looking for UK imports as a 'value' alternative of purchasing premium goods with high-level quality control procedures. Inspired entrepreneurs have found a fantastic opportunity to sell the finest UK goods to our European neighbours. As the EU continues to accept new member-states, providing increasing numbers of potential customers, the number of British entrepreneurs is booming.

The UK manufacturing firms introducing themselves into this 'new' market are searching for established freight forwarders, who can deliver their goods direct to important European ports and distribution centres. These transportation companies can deliver quality produce to countries within the EU and can also help with the additional headaches of the various import and export taxes charged throughout the different member states. Freight forwarders recommended by BIFA (British International Freight Association) and FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association) deliver to these European states. One such freight company, Dalpa International, runs scheduled freight services to 24 countries, incorporating 50 key European. These transport services are available as part of a groupage solution, helping to drive down the cost of delivery, or can be delivered exclusively as part of a door-to-door service. These personalised deliveries cost more money, but provide further security, which is perfect for high-end expensive products.

Any established freight company will ensure that they understand your business, product and customer. This will ensure that the freight company will provide a bespoke service, but make sure that you have sufficient freight insurance to cover potential transport disasters. If UK entrepreneurs and businesses can implement these important factors into their export distribution and also use a UK freight forwarder, Britain will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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