A Comprehensive Guide into the Use of Different Categories of Patch Cables - By: vin cent

Patch cable is an electrical cable used for connecting one electronic device to another for the purpose of signal routing. However, there are multiple varieties of such cables available in the market, but the major question arises about is its usage. The two types of varieties are solid and stranded. The former comprises of eight solid copper wires enclosed within the cover, while the later consists of thin cluster of cables inside a metallic jacket. However, both of these cables comprises of wires that are coupled to make a pair of four. Despite of the fact that both offer viable connection to Internet, stranded cable definitely overpowers and offers greater usability for its noise-restricting capability and interference. It is preferred to solid category also because it is less risky during the unplugging process.

Cat5e patch cable is primarily used for drawing connectivity between network devices and other applications. This category of cable is Ethernet cables which are employed for developing a connection with devices like hubs, routers and switches. Most commonly, this cable consists of eight wires divided into four pairs. Apart from this four-paired cable, you can also choose upon fiber optic cables. Though the functioning of category5e cable has not been questioned till date, network administrators and engineers also use fiber cable. This particular variety is made up of fiber material, while the connectors at different ends of the cable are prepared out of fiber optic.

Now, coming to the use of Cat5e Patch Cable, it is used for Ethernet connection, where one has to join different computing devices for an efficient connectivity. Perhaps, this cable supports some advanced telecommunication platforms including ATM. The high-end speed of data transmission meets the basic cabling requisites of Ethernet environments. One of the reason why this category of cable is highly used is that it provides 100 meter run length which is relatively goof for a cabling system in Ethernet environment. However, recently category6 of cable has been developed which offers a running length of almost 550 meters. It is a vendor-specific device and you need to0 install those respective software which works well and is highly compatible with this category. In this regard, this category is put to occasional use, while category 5 has been universally accepted because of its greater usability.

It is worth mentioning that category 5 of patch cable is available in shielded and unshielded configurations of twisted pairs. It is true that the unshielded category is frequently used, however, some network applications demand shielded category because it helps in restricting the transmission disturbances, mainly caused due to Electro-Magnetic Interference. So, different categories of cables pertain to distinct usability, while some remain highly efficient and others act as less powerful. A crossover cable also works on Ethernet connection and connects two different PCs. While such a wide array of cables are available throughout the market, it is essential you consult an expert at network administration or a network engineer, who can guide you suitably about which Ethernet network will suit your needs the most.

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