Integrating Ipods and Iphones Into Your Car Stereo - By: Matthew Brooks

There are a lot of "simple" solutions for playing your ipod through your car's stereo system, like FM transmitters and cassette adapters, and while these can be quick and easy solutions, the sound quality and functionality of these solutions tends to be less than expected.

How do you get around having to use the cigarette lighter for power and having extra wires hanging out in your car while increasing the sound quality of your ipod?

Get a real ipod adapter kit. Ipod adapter kits are the real solution for integrating your ipod into your car's stereo system. These adapters are hardwired into your car's power supply, getting rid of external wires and freeing up the power supply for things like phone chargers or other items. You also get the sound quality enhancements of having your ipod directly connected with the stereo system reducing annoying static or poor sound quality.

FM Modulators can work well, but any competing signals produce static and lower quality sound.

The docking station for an ipod car kit is mounted to the vehicle, and in many cases can acts as a power docking station, charging your ipod while it is in use. Some models also offer external controls you can attach to your steering wheel and have the controls right at your fingertips.

Having a secure docking station keeps you hands free and keeps your ipod or iphone in reach.

Music on demand is a lot better than radios or CDs. Keep your music with you on the go by integrating an ipod car kit into your vehicle, and enjoy countless hours of your favorite music through the highest quality sound available. Stream music from you ipod library, online radio stations, sports programs, and other applications such as Pandora or internet radio. (Be advised – streaming music from the internet may increase internet usage charges based on your cellular data plan.)

Professional installation is recommended for most units to ensure proper functioning and to make sure your ipod car kit will last.

Taking the ipod car adapter a step further, it also integrates with the iphone. Using you integrated kit, you can take voice calls, keep up with voice navigation and more through your vehicles speakers. This is truly the best hands free option available since you can stream music, navigation and voice calls without having to hold the phone.

You can also charge your iphone while it is plugged into the docking station, extending your talk time.

Ipods and iphones are made for people who want the music and multimedia on the go, and more than half the people who use them claim they are unhappy with how the integrate into their cars. Some newer cars have an auxiliary input which addresses part of the integration issue of getting the sound to the speakers, but it doesn't address the issue of docking the ipod or iphone, or charging it during use.

Ipod and iphone car adapter kits are the way to go for those that are unhappy with their current integration method, so it is time to upgrade to a full integration kit for you car.

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