Text Messaging Services to Make Your Business Communication Easier - By: Mainhoon Seo

Text messaging refers to the short communications made through mobile phones or other devices over a network. It originated somewhere in early 1990s and was mostly used between private mobile phone users. It was in 2000s, when short message service or SMS was used for commercial purpose. In SMS, shorthand and acronyms are used to convey the message in short and precise manner.

While, text messaging service was earlier used for instant person-to-person communication, it is now being used for several other purposes such as political campaigning and business communication also.

Text Messaging in Business World

Text messaging is a revolution for small and medium enterprises, making their communication channels simpler than ever before. Direct mailing can be expensive and time consuming to produce, while e-mail marketing messages may not reach out to the intended person due to span filter. Text messaging, which was earlier conceived as a casual way of communication, is now believed to be a feasible method of reaching out to your employees, affiliates and customers in a cheaper and time-saving manner. Companies can use a text messaging software or SMS software to send and receive SMS on a large scale on computers. These SMS softwares are useful in sending bulk text messages, long SMS, Flash SMS and SMS mail merge. SMS softwares enable you to use the computer as your own SMS gateway. With the help of text messaging software, companies can also send out promotions to their customers' mobile phones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

SMS API (Application Programming Interface) is an integral part in text messaging, especially for commercial purposes. With its help, any type of application, such as web site, software, database etc., that has access to the Internet can become SMS-enabled. The process of SMS API provides full support for all the text messaging features such as bulk capacity of around 10,000 SMS in single requests, simulation mode to avoid wasting credits during development, message ID's for simplified tracking and options of HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP. SMS APIs allow two-way functionality and global coverage for SMS service, besides many other advantages.

How Businesses Benefit from Text Messaging Service

*Instant Communication: Text messaging allows you to instantly communicate with colleagues in and out of office.

*Cost-effective: It is a less expensive and very convenient method to get in touch with staff and customers.

*Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Interaction: SMSs are a consumer-friendly medium of interaction and communication, especially for the new generation.

*Used for Time-Critical Alerts: The speed at which text messages are delivered make it the ideal medium for delivering urgent alert information to all the concerned parties.

*Security and Confidentiality: Text messaging is also beneficial for business communication because of its security feature. Messages delivered through SMS services are directed to the concerned person and ensure confidentiality.

To gain more accessibility and to become more approachable, businesses should download an SMS software, that facilitates text messaging service, making it easier to communicate with customers and staff in an economical and simple way. However, companies should avoid overuse of SMS services, especially when communicating with customers, as it conveys a casual approach of the company, and too many messages may also become annoying for them.

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