High-Performance Switchboards and Automation Systems for Offshore and Marine Applications - By: CMR Group

To meet the rigorous demands of the marine and offshore exploration and production industry, designers, builders and operators of vessels,ships, oil rigs continually looking for custom, reliable and efficient technology solutions to better manage their electrical power systems. Proper management of the electrical power generated by large industrial engines is vital to ensure safety and high performance of the equipment. Malfunctions of marine-based machinery(i.e. floating production storage and offloading units (FPSO), semi-submersible rigs and jack up platforms) and electrical components can be dangerous and costly for all parties involved. To reduce downtime of the running equipment, advanced electronic technology including automated switchboards, switch gears, and other programmable logic control (PLC) systems are being implemented into the and marine and offshore oil rigs industry.

PLC automation is crucial to making sure the electrical distribution system runs smoothly and efficiently, saving both time and money. With a programmable control system in operation, data acquisition as well as other important information is easily accessible. Newer switchboard technology can accommodate any industrial need for control panels, junction boxes or electrical system interface. The control system is engineered with marine standard and optimized for your specific application, using standard developmental tools such as ProE, AutoCAD and VeSys harnesses. Low voltage switchboards and tested modular systems support reliable operation of offshore power management. Marine-approved safety modules ensures over speed and mandatory channels, such as low lube oil pressure and, high coolant temperature monitoring in order to shut down engine to prevent any damage.

Alarm monitoring and safety (AMS) system can easily be integrated into the electronic control panel.The alarm monitoring system parameters displays on LCD color screen and transmitted on a CAN open network protocol for data acquisition. It typically processes up to 600 channels per analogue device for which several parameters may be designed. Each analog channel can be displayed with a graphic indicator. In addition to monitoring, this system offers following functions status recording and storage. Designed for marine and other industrial equipment applications the AMS will handle all the functions for the systems including:main engines,propulsion and maneuvering systems, gas oil tanks, fresh water tanks, black &grey water tanks, navigation, lighting, bilge sensors and flooding detection system, air conditioning, etc.Due complex technology and wiring processes, it's important to select an experienced partner for electrical system integration on offshore facilities and marine vessel engines.

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