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In the present time, you can various API based company. In which SKT Network Technologies in one of the API Development Company, is providing API based projects to their clients. API is the Application Programing Interface which is particular set of rules and specifications. With this various software programs can communicate with each other. API is an interface between different software programs and facilitates their communication. This provides the user interface facilitates communication between humans and computers.

Our API Development Company has been working Google API, Yahoo API, Amazon API, etc. We have extensive experience in the SOAP based, RESTful, OAuth based APIs and Web Services. We already have work on many projects / applications about APIs, here you can see the list of APIs which we used. We are proficient in customizing and integrating the following APIs to any web application.

• Twitter API (RESTful and OAuth)
• Most of Google APIs (many including Adwords, Search, Adsense, Language, Analytics, Charts, Contacts, Finance, Geocoding, Maps, reCaptcha, Talk, Youtube).
• Custom OAuth Integrations
• Most of Yahoo APIs (many including Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Search BOSS).
• Amazon (many including Amazon MTurk, Amazon SimpleDB).
• Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
• RoamFree RETS server.
• Kaarmls MLS / RETS server (using SOAP, REST on RETS) with over 10 websites implemented.
• Real Estate Transaction Protocol (RETS) Programming
• Intereality Autralia RETS server.
• GLAR MLS server.
• Oracle WebService.
• AffiliateSystem API.
• PayPal Integration
• Authorize.net Integration
• ccAvenue /EBS India Payment Gateways
• Shipping APIs – UPS, USPS, FEDEX
• SOAP based APIs
• XML based APIs
• RESTful APIs
• Custom Hosted Web Services
• Any other API on the Internet.
• JSON (JavaScript) based APIs
• SOAP (Object) based APIs

This API Development Company also provides the custom API and web services development means we fill all the user requirements. As clients want a software system design to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network, we also provide these all. We provide all type of APIs as per the user requirements. Our development services are fast, stable and efficient Web 2.0 APIs in including but not limiting to following formats. So, if you want to use API or want to make any project on API we are here for you with our flexible and fast services. We at sktnetwork.com also provide the miscellaneous expertise which is following:
• Dynamic Graphs / Charts
• Real Time Search
• Data / Web Scrapping
• RSS/XML Parsing
• Data / Web Scrapping
• cURL & Cron based apps
• IP filtering, debugging
• Maps & Geographical apps

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