Grow Backyard Garden Layout Ideas - By: paul empey

If you are considering starting your own vegetable garden to have the pleasure of eating healthy fresh food grown yourself and to save money in the grocery store, this article has some grow backyard garden layout ideas for you to think about. There are several ways you can grow your own vegetables, in rows as is traditional, on raised beds or even in containers. You do not need to make it formal or traditionally to get a good harvest of vegetables.

You can even choose to mix vegetables with flowers so that you get the joy of both worlds, a colorful and pleasing garden to look at that also puts food on your table. There are some flowers that are actually edible that will make your salads or meals look amazing such as nasturtium, roses and violets. It is also a fact that growing a mix is also good for the soil, keeping the nutrients in it balanced.

Grow backyard garden layout

As mentioned the traditional layout for a vegetable garden is in rows. Each row has a certain type of vegetable, so row one will be beans, row two will be tomatoes and so on. If you can ideally they need to be positioned so that they run from south to north so that they get the maximum possible sunlight. Choose a level area and till the soil, then clear it of weeds. Rows are practical because it means you know where the types of vegetables are, and by creating walkways between them you can reach to harvest the vegetables and take care of the maintenance. If the land is sloped make sure you plant going across so that seeds do not just wash out and run down the slope and so that the roots grow well. Make sure you give them enough room to grow and do not plant too many too close. Plants that are too close spread disease quickly if it occurs and if you have a pest problem they move from vegetable to vegetable easily.

Grow backyard garden raised bed layout

One alternative to taking the traditional row route is to have raised beds for the vegetables. This is also a good way to plant if you have a smaller garden as you can plant in blocks. And since you are raised off the garden soil you can control more the condition the plants are growing in by adding in what you want them to grow in. It may also better suit people who are a little older or who have back problems, as it is easier to bend to and weed and look after. Create your raised bed by using cinder blocks, timber or some left over bricks you may have lying around. Make it around a foot deep to give the plants room to root and grow.

Grow backyard garden kitchen layout

A kitchen garden is a mix of vegetables and herbs and usually is placed near the kitchen so that the cook can just pop out and pick the herbs or vegetables they want. You can pattern the herbs and vegetables into geometric designs between paths or brick or stone making it visually attractive. For example lettuce with parsley against a lattice that has peas and beans growing up it mixed with marigolds that keep the insects away. Practical and pretty.

Grow backyard garden four square layout
How you lay out the garden depends on the space you have but you could go for a four square layout where there is a plus sign of pathway in the middle of which is a center piece like a statue or sundial, then four squares of vegetables.

Whichever way you grow backyard garden you need to remember or keep a sketch of what is where. Some things can stay in the same area of soil and will not need to be moved, but some vegetables should be rotated so that the soil stays healthy.

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