Who Are the Healthiest People in the World? - By: Allan Stewart

3 Modern Success Stories

. . . And what do they eat? Before you're willing to even consider the fact you have an inner caveman lurking inside you, you may be hoping that somewhere there's proof this style of eating improves your health.

Three separate cultures are coming close to it -- and not surprisingly, they have the longest lifespan and are among the healthiest people on the planet.

No, it's definitely not politically correct to call the following three societies prehistoric. But I've termed them in this manner because of the diet they eat. The three population segments, as diverse as they are, have one factor in common: they all have the longest life spans in the world.

Not only that, their populations are virtually unscathed when it comes to suffering from modern degenerative diseases. Who are these people?

They are the Sardinians, residents of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, the Okinawans, who live on the island of Okinawa off the coast of Japan, and a religious group, the Seventh Day Adventists. Each of these groups keeps a low-calorie diet composed primarily of fruits and vegetables.

If there's a diet that could be called the polar opposite of the Standard American Diet, then this one may be it. The Okinawans start by eating a minimum of seven servings of vegetables a day. In addition they eat two to four servings of fruit. (Are you with me so far?)

The group of islanders doesn't strictly follow the caveman pattern, though. They do eat some grains, mostly in the form of noodles, bread, and rice -- and just about all of them are whole grains.

The Sardinians and Seventh Day Adventists eat in a similar manner. And as a group, they not only experience an amazing longevity, but experience very few degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so on and so on. This diet has been shown to reduce high blood pressure, reduce high triglyceride counts because you are not eating starches and allows your body to better regulate insulin which helps the diabetic person.

According to many nutritionists, eating whole plant foods slows your body's digestive processes. This actually helps your body to absorb nutrients more effectively. And in the long run, this gives you a more balanced array of vitamins and minerals. Not only that, but a slow digestive process means your appetite is regulated and your blood sugar remains level.

Armed with all of this, you're well on your way to nourishing your inner caveman. You're beginning a new journey that will take you into the future healthier and with more vitality, by using the wisdom and evidence of the past. Ironic isn't it?

As you travel, you may encounter a few bumps in the road. Don't let that stop you. Don't let it discourage you. Just take your new eating habits, one meal at a time. You'll discover it's easy to keep on track this way!

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