Let Your Cat Relax In Style With Getting Some Great Cat Supplies - By: Trevor Price

Various Cat Collars for your Pet Cat

If you're checking out cat collars on your next visit to your pet store for those discount cat supplies, you could be facing several choices that can challenge your purchase decision. But there are just a few things to consider when getting one. Depending on the style and collar type, their prices range from $2 to $15 or higher. But if you can afford those scratching posts or cheap cat beds, those collars should not be a problem.

Break Away Collars

Also called safety collars, they come in two types. Both cat collar types effectively reduce the risk of strangulating your cat in case the collar gets caught in a tree branch or protruding pole piece. One has an elastic band that can stretch so the cat can wiggle and slip through. The other has pressure-type band that breaks away with enough pressure.

Flea Collars

If your cat suffers from flea infestation, flea collars are an option to kill the adult fleas. Some also contain IGRs to kill flea larvae and eggs as well. But these collars only target the fleas around the neck and head and won't be effective down the rest of the body. Just words of caution as some cats are known to develop what is called as flea collar dermatitis or rash. If that happens, be sure to remove the flea collar and use something else to control the fleas.

Decorative Collars

Some look like necklaces complete with rhinestones and can make your kitty look classy. Just be sure it also has the same elastic or pressure band in breakaway collars.

Reflective Collars

These cat collars use reflective material throughout or in part and glow when light is flashed on them. This is a practical choice if your cat stays outdoors that get to wonder the streets and cross roads as it can help drivers to see your cat and not run over it. Again, it should a breakaway strip.

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