Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Swelling and Relieve Painful Swollen feet - By: Amit Kotiyal

A lot of people complain about their swollen, painful feet. There can be numerous causes responsible behind the discomforting of swelling in feet. Some of these causes are overweight issues, foot injuries, and microbial infection of the foot, pregnancy, blood clotting, insect bites, mensuration, burns and more. In old age, the symptoms of swollen feet become more frequent. This primarily happens because an individual, in his or her old age, begins to suffer from weak bones. Another very common cause of swollen, painful feet is edema. It also commonly known as peripheral edema, and is caused by an irregular retention of water and fluids.

Swollen feet are discomforting and annoying

A person show symptoms of swollen feet often feel irritable and uneasy because of the constant pain and problems in walking. It disturbs the entire routine and easily makes one dependent on others for all sorts of jobs. Thankfully today, medical science has blessed with numerous treatments for swollen feet. However, before, one begins with the treatment for swollen feet, it is important to know the exact cause of the problem. Since it can be caused due to multiple different reasons, it is vital to know the exact cause because in most cause, the treatment is exercised to perish the cause from the root. Therefore, if your loved one is also suffering from the excruciating pain of swollen feet then before hitting on any of the treatments for swollen feet, ensure to run some tests to know the exact cause of it.To begin with, consult with an orthopedist. If it caused by overexertion, mensuration, obesity and so, the doctor will ask you to lose weight, practice a healthy lifestyle and try some natural therapies.

Natural Treatment for swollen feet

First of all, you should maintain a healthy body. For this purpose, exercise regularly and eat foods that have diuretic properties. Such type of food helps in easy secretion of excessive fluids from the body and thus, relievesswelling occurring. The two most common and popular diuretic agents are barley water and parsley water. Another natural treatment for swollen feet is cold water soaking. Soak your feet in cold water for 15 minutes and help your body reduce the escalated level of edema and relieve swollen feet. Thirdly, make sure that the content of salt in your food is reduced to a great extent. Since salt is osmotic in nature it easily retains water. In addition, you can apply apple cider vinegar on your feet or try to massage it with warm mustard oil.

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