Painting is for Suckers & Nursery Wall Decals Are for Geniuses - By: Nursery Decals

As much as I hate to deprive the world of the sight of a pregnant woman gingerly climbing a ladder or standing on a chair painting walls, there are better ways to decorate your baby's room. Nursery decals aren't permanent and they take a fraction of the time to apply.

Decorating the nursery can consume your thoughts for weeks at a time. When I was expecting my first baby, I spent so much time debating colors and wall borders that my husband developed a semi-permanent glazed look in his eyes. He just couldn't talk about it anymore. His brain had turned to mush trying to provide me with satisfactory answers. But then when we were decorating the room in our current rental for our second child I went with nursery decals. With incredulity, he asked me, "You mean we can just put up some stickers?" I corrected him and said, "They're not stickers, these are nursery decals," I don't think he saw the distinction and walked out of the room in a good-natured huff.

I was a bit concerned about damaging the walls since we are renting but when properly applied and carefully removed decals shouldn't harm the paint. In addition, even though the walls are a bit textured they went on smoothly and they look painted on. The decals don't look like I can peel them off any time I want. I love anything that's easy but looks hard.

Nursery decals have relieved me of one of my concerns when it comes to decorating. We don't have a large house but we plan to have a large family. As the years go by and the bunk beds are lined up along the walls we'll use decals to give the kids a chance to feel like they have their own areas of the bedrooms. We can have polka dots on one wall, and flowers on the other, whatever the kids want. Currently we have a girl and a boy, but whatever the future holds it will be easier to change the nursery. My husband can no longer say he's questioning having more children because he doesn't want to be chased around the house by a deranged pregnant woman with fists full of paint swatches.

Nursery decals, or as my husband described them to his friends "baby stickers" can make decorating the baby's room faster and easier than you can imagine. Moreover, when you want to do something different because your babies aren't babies anymore, or you've expanded your family, you can simply change the decals. We're considering buying the house we're renting. And if we do, and the walls are mine and I can paint them any color I want, I'll still stick with nursery decals. In my opinion, painting is for suckers.

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