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The Motorola Atrix 4G is an innovative smart phone that bridges the gap between the cell phone and other computing devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, handheld consoles and so forth. If we were to discuss this 10 years ago, by no means would we have mentioned smart phones being in the same vicinity of computers and consoles, but the gap has significantly decreased. Today, there isn't a dramatic difference between a high-end smart phone and a low-tier computer, like a netbook. Smart phones, however, do have limitations, but Motorola manages to overcome many of them through a creative array of accessories. Choosing the right accessories is lot more than just picking out the perfect case or screen protector.

A great deal of the excitement surrounding this smart phone has to do with the various docking stations on the market. With the appropriate dock, you can virtually transform the ATRIX into a laptop or desktop computer, or you can easily integrate it into an existing computer. Perhaps the neatest feature of this modular design is that even while the Atrix is part of or acting as a computer, it still has all of its phone features, including the ability to accept and make phone calls, text messages and so forth.

The most popular of these docking accessories is the full-blown laptop dock. With this phone appropriately plugged in, this is a legitimate laptop. If you need your "laptop phone" to go back into being a phone, all you have to do is disconnect it. The great part about this dock is the high quality of the shell. When Motorola first announced it, many expected inferior quality compared to an actual laptop, but this isn't the case. The shell, screen, and touchpad are all comparable to high-end Dell laptops but not so much to a Macbook Pro.

The desktop or HD dock lets you connect your Atrix to a desktop computer or a home entertainment center. It connects to your computer through USB and to a TV or similar device through HDMI. There are two other modes to think about: Webtop and Entertainment Center. Webtop offers full computer-like capabilities, and you can access this through a TV if you have a TV that supports this functionality. In the Entertainment Center mode, you can use a remote that controls the dock which controls the Atrix. This allows you to manipulate the video, music, and photos, and you can even access Internet features.

There is also a keyboard and mouse, both of which are connected to the HD dock via Bluetooth. These are nice accessories for people who use the Atrix as part of an entertainment center. Instead of having a dedicated entertainment center PC, you can easily use the Atrix, remote, mouse, and keyboard. The Logitech designed keyboard is very thin and lightweight, so it's ideal for sitting on the couch and surfing the Web using the TV as a catalyst. We'd also like to see a keyboard with a touchpad on it because the mouse is less useful depending on the configuration.

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