No Teletrack Loans-Cash without Teletrack Formalities - By: rex moshe

No teletrack loans are the perfect option to borrow cash with bad credit profile. One may have experienced bad credit profile at one or another stage of life. Lender knows how it feels to be called as bad credit holder. To make lending cash easy, US lenders have introduced this scheme. With this scheme any candidate with multiple bad credit like arrears, defaults. CCJs, IVA, bankruptcy, late payment are also considered eligible. Holding good credit is not necessary, but a paycheck of above $1000 is must for every applicant.

No teletrack loans are short term loans meant to help you with unexpected needs that pop up all of a sudden. With this scheme you will be able to gain cash to clear your debts, to pay off pending bills or to meet any emergency. This scheme is beast suited to be borrowed till next payday. As interest rate is quite high so borrowing till next payday will be beneficial. The more you extend the repayment, more interest will be charged. Normally a lender charges 30% interest rate on the borrowed amount. No doubt this is high, but the facilities that a lender offers with this scheme are worth this interest rate.

To apply for these types of loans you can either choose offline mode or online mode. For those who earn cash in a single day, online mode is best. You can make application with the little effort. Frankly speaking only few clicks would be just enough to gain quick cash. Borrowers with the nationality of US, an age of above 18 years and an active checking bank account are considered eligible.

Whenever you apply for any traditional loans, you will have to pledge collateral. But to apply for this scheme you don't have to pledge collateral. But for this you will have to additional charges. And if you want to borrow money at reasonable rate then you must pledge collateral. It is mandatory to repay the loan amount with interest rate on the next payday. And if in any case you skip repayment on next payday then penalty will be charged against you.

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