Agile approach in Website design with Glasgoweb - By: William James

Presence of web is not a great idea for a big company's boss or CTO. Web world has bring a new

and dynamic changes in the platform of IT sector as well as in small scale business. Now a days,

web is most important for small sector than a large province. Clients first of all search the

dazzling star where he prefers to deal the business, he has a parallel relation ship with media

peoples and various channels those who broad cast the ads within a limited budget, branded and

elite building specialist Advertising and promotion squads. For limited capital business,

customer may never know them even if they can deliver same or better product or service almost

at half the price.

Before the .com launched there was only vocational and un processed expansion by the help of

channels for some years. But now the time has changed. A website has opened up the global

marketplace to every business. So when the small business players in Glasgow are searching for

terms like "Web design Glasgow" or "Web Design Company Glasgow", it is of no surprise.

The challenge however for a business who has little to do with ITfor preparing a dynamic

software within a affordable price and technical knowledge inventory or lack of it in mind.

From the year 2004, various companies based on web design have already been launched in

Glasgow's commercial world. While technically almost all of them can do the job, still from

those some are depending on preplanned softwares which will make the work easier for them.

An already created software starts with crystal clear demand of associates, followed by design

and implementation. This type of demos costs out of pocket for both clients and vendorbecause

for its quality in maturity and clarity in vision.

The conventional approach has proven its limitations time and again in today's changing business

environment. The IT companies, particularly the big players however are reluctant to accept the


Today, Glasgow based web design Company use some latest softwares for keeping its reputation as

it was and for its future development. The first step taken is adopted from update methods

methodology known as agile development. In agile environment, requirements evolve as the

development progresses rather than documenting everything at the beginning and freezing it.

For a look at their web design methodology|just make a glance at the world wide web designing

process, you will able to understand what i am trying to talking about. They outlined the

development methodology as simple steps like:
1. Competitor Analysis – Analyses and identifies the business use case and vision. Note

that it is not a requirement gathering in classic SDLC sense.
2. Pre-Arrangement – With clarity of vision, the next step is to identify a solution –

about the varieties of URLs, characteristics, shopping cart etc and the price budgeted. A

periodical example based on characteristics move than technically based.
3. Final graphics – A proper growth of the Website. Notable point to mention here is the

flexibility as they mention to incorporate any change(s) during development.
4. Implementation – Last Step. The implementation and SEO submission to complete the


Now a days net has become the main factor of small sector business, it looks nice to see the

improvement process in glasow based web designing company.

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