Usability focus in Web site design with SEO Company based in Dubai - By: William James

SEO is an online approach works towards driving an increased traffic to an website by means of using right techniques. More traffic would mean more return on the investment. It is important that once the website has been designed and developed, it should be available to the viewers with proper advertisement and marketing. Unless visitors come across the web address of the company, there is very little possibility that they will visit the URL and purchase or use your manufactured goods or services. A revenue generating site is more important over just having a site that looks beautiful, this is where SEO Dubai plays a major role.

Usability is the main focus of SEO Dubai. SEO would focus on how search engines would crowl and content classically. They design pages primarily for robots because the goal is to make it in top X of page rank in Google or Yahoo or Bing. With this method, they forget the most important stakeholder in question – the customer himself! A visitor is a human being and not a machine or a Search Engine. He would have his own likings and disliking and a wish list probably about the look and feel and content of the site. This is a different aspect than so called two way blog linking or interactive comment posting. We all know that if a visitor gets disappointed on first visit then he would probably not visit again.

For large corporates where data intesive screen based solution design is done with technologies such as ERP and SAP there usability is considered as the key aspect. This important aspect of design is not known to the small business owner.SEO Dubai provides the right solution to the crowd. SEO Dubai has a separate focused attention towards usability. The methodology adopted is the derivation from best industry practice and knowledge base.

SEO Company Dubai offers following services in this area:

· Usability Expert Review

· Usability Testing

Usability Expert review focuses on human factor analysis and identifies usability bloopers. The best part of it is that you get it without involving user i.e. not learning organically over time which costs time, money and also an important brand perception in the mind of potential customer.

Usability testing is the actual testing of websites. An important component of this offering is Remote Usability Testing. Usability testing would test the actual dependency, download time, look and feel and bandwidth on other plug-ins etc. on the website. Remote testing simulates the user environment across different platforms or OS like Mac, Linux, Windows and also browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox to get factual data about the comfort level and usability of the user.

While the classical SEO activities are important to focus, SEO Company Dubai approach on usability focus adds the human touch to it and makes it really a win-win for business and user.

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