Gate Motors - What Design In Your Case? - By: Frederick Singletonne

It's quite common practice for a home to get an electric gate within the drive way these days. The reason being it just makes it much safer to get in and also out of your own home because you don't have to step out of your car to open and close the actual gate. The thing that most of these electric gates have in common is that they all use gate motors to open and also close the actual gate.

If you choose the arm gate method you will probably observe that the actual gate is run by means of a swing arm. One choice is to have the gate divided in the middle as if it was a normal hinged gate. In this case you will need two gate motors, one on each side. Each one of the gate motors will manage a steel arm that is hinged. The one ending of the arm will be attached to the gate and then the other to the engine. The gate motors will not have to generally be quite strong as all they're required to accomplish is actually pull or even push a gate that is on a well oiled hinge. This doesn't require much power to accomplish.

Another option for an electric gate is a sliding gate. They are installed on wheels on a track and it is the task of the gate motor to push the actual gate open and pull it closed. The actual gates can get quite large which means you will need an infinitely more heavy duty gate motor to handle this kind of setup.

Both types of gate have their own potential issues as well as their benefits. The problems usually will come in when the gate motors break or even blow a fuse. You will then need to manually open and close the actual gate. The gate motors will also be typically electrically run which implies that if you have a power cut you are going to once again need to open up the gate by hand if the battery on the gate motor is actually flat. At east you'll more often than not have the ability to open up the gate with a remote though.

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