Are People Making Money with David Wood's Training? - By: R.John Davis

So why do I ask "Are people making money with David Wood's Training"? Well the answer is simple, I have spoken with several people who joined his team and expected to make the same 5 figure income as he has in as little as 90 days.
Now please take note this has not been David's promise for his new recruits however they have seen his success and most newbies expect to create the same income but there is 1 thing they do not realize. What is that 1 thing?
While David asked his wife to return to work for a short period of time he spent 12-14 hours per day building his business on a total budget of $200 from scratch using Article Marketing. Why this method? Simply he had no extra money!
Pros and cons of using Article Marketing:
? Great if you like to write and don't have more than $500.00 to start with as a marketing budget.
? Creating original content with the proper link backs will help your article get viewed multiple times for months to come. This means do the work once and get sales many times over.
? Has the ability to go viral and create mass frenzy (in a good way) for your website.
? May take several weeks or months to start generating 100+ leads per day to your sight.
? If you do not like to write and have a marketing budget below $500.00 your chances of driving traffic to your website will be much harder giving every new marketer goes through trial and error = loss of cash flow.
All I can say is David was determined not to live a life of poverty. As a matter of fact he has repetitively shared his testimony about how he lived out of his van for 6 months during hard times.
That being said, let's get to the point. I have personally worked with David in Numis Network and iLearning Global and his internet/network marketing skills have helped me to create a full time income in this business today.
Once you get past his crazy hair and unshaven appearance you quickly realize the guy is a true professional and knows what he is doing.
Although I no longer work with David nor further a part of the same network marketing company, I do recommend his courses and training. As a matter of fact if you would like to learn a lot of his training for free coupled with some other great strategies I would be happy to share this with you at no additional charge if we work together.

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