Anti-Ageing Skin Treatments - By: Callum Asterman

Youthfulness and vigour are assets most of us aspire to. Whether we're looking to climb the career ladder or just lead a healthy life, most of us will try our best to stop the clock at some time in our past. That's not to say we all want to be children again, of course â€" there's plenty to recommend a good dollop of experience in our professional and personal lives. But sometimes our appearance can fail to accurately represent the person inside.

So how can we help ourselves stay looking as young or as full of vitality as possible It's amazing what we do, when you think about it. The music we listen to, the clothes we wear, the places we go to, our hairstyles, the way we talk and much more besides all add up to an image that we want to create.

But there's one factor that's a lot more difficult to control â€" our skin. Although it's constantly replenishing its outer surface, it is something that's been wrapping us up since our time in the womb. It has protected us from the sun, the rain and the wind, and our faces have undergone years of talking, expressions, laughter and emotion. And it's a relentless process, with nature having a way of revealing the ageing process.

Or at least that's how our mums', dads' and grandparents' generations considered things. Now we have a steady stream of methods, ointments and treatments available to those of us who want to slow down or reverse these obvious clues of ageing. They start with prevention, for example avoiding exposure to the sun; they include the daily routines of applying creams, scrubs and moisturisers; we can now include clinical treatments such as a skin peel, collagen and botox injection among their number; and those who are more intent on reversing the process, there's the option to go under the knife and and let skillful cosmetic surgeons perform their tricks.

A big difference between now and earlier generations is that youthfulness is expected and achievable, and furthermore trying to keep it is no longer embarrassing or socially unacceptable. Whereas in past decades tabloid newspapers and certain magazines would have exposed Hollywood celebrities who had had some kind of surgery, nowadays it is almost expected, and the phenomenon has trickled much further down the income scale thanks to the increased understanding and routine of such surgery and its resultant lowering of costs. And why shouldn't we want to look younger? It is hardly the crime of the century, and as we are generally more healthy and longer-living, why shouldn't our skin more realistically reflect the person inside?

As many careers now rely on new technology and innovations, there is a natural tendency for employers to gravitate towards younger people as they are seen as the ones most likely to use and understand them. We all know this is nonsense, of course. Obviously older people can ensure they keep up to date with new technology too. But being seen as someone who is on the ball is a whole new consideration, and this is perhaps one of the reasons more of us, particularly males, are taking more care of our skin â€" and are prepared to proactively take measures to reverse the skin life has given us. After all, we can rely on our CVs to betray our dollops of life experience.

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