Rajasthan - Land of Diverse Tourist Attractions - By: Nisha Agnihotri

Diverse tourism attractions of the state have the right potentials to entertain all kind of travelers, weather they are nature lovers of cultural seekers. The destination is emerging as wonderful holiday spot in India, lots of domestic as well as foreign tourists come to this destination to completely enjoy their holidays with their family members and close ones.

Rajasthan is the home of diverse tourism attractions, magnificent forts and palaces are the most popular of them. Numerous amazing forts and places are scattered across the state attracts the cultural lovers around the world. These heritage sites are also the sign of glorious past of Indian country. Most of the monuments of the state are built in the Kingdom of brave Rajputs. These monuments are also an evidence of the luxuries living lifestyle of the Maharajas of that time.

Huge expanded landscape of Rajasthan preserves the rich wildlife. There are four national parks and fifteen wildlife sanctuaries established in this state, some of them are worldwide renowned. Ranthambore national park and Bharatpur bird sanctuary are most prominent wildlife reserve of the state. Ranthambore is globally famous for royal India tigers and regarded as the best location in India to spot tigers in their habitant. Bharatpur bird sanctuary is manmade reserve famous for wide range of birds also with the exciting species of migratory birds. This reserve is considered as the finest manmade bird reserve across the world.

Desert safaris and sand dunes are other praiseworthy attractions of the state. Vast spread Thar Desert offer exciting opportunity for desert safaris to the visitors. Jaisalmer and Bikaner are the most renowned destinations of Rajasthan tours for desert safaris. Approximately at 40 Km distance form Jaisalmer, Sam Sand dunes are the popular tourist spots for the spectacular sun-rise and sun-set views. A famous elephant ride at the magnificent Amber Fort also must try activity of your Rajasthan trip . Rajasthan tourism.

Some significant pilgrimage sites like Lord Brahma Temple at Pushkar and Moinuddin Chisti shrine at Ajmer, beautiful lakes, parks and gardens are the other driving attractions of Rajasthan tourism. So if you want to explore all these amazing attractions within a single state must plan an exciting Rajasthan tour. This trip promises to offer a most memorable lifetime experience and compel you to visit this state again and again. Rajasthan, etc. The attractions of the state are beyond of your expectation. So come at Rajasthan and enjoy your holidays.

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