Why and How to Lose Belly Fat: Belly Fat Science Explained - By: Betty Miller

Practitioners of any weight loss program should not only consider how to lose belly fat fast, but also why they should lose belly fat, and why they should do it really fast. Not only does the abdominal region tends to gather fat faster than other body parts; because belly fat is visceral fat, meaning, fat inside the body, and is different from subcutaneous fat, which is fat underneath the skin. Because visceral fat is internal body fat, it is closer to the bloodstream and to the heart itself, thus visceral fat has a greater tendency and chance to release dangerous fatty particles that spread to other parts of the body than subcutaneous fat can. While visceral (includes belly) fat and subcutaneous fat both have associated health risks, many scientific studies have linked visceral fat to greater risks for fat-associated diseases, like atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer (kidney, colon, breast), and stroke.

There are plenty of ways to lose belly fat; in fact, every disciplined weight loss program is a way to lose belly fat, for while fat gathers faster in the belly than in other body parts, the belly releases fat faster than other body parts can. A proper combination of diet, exercise, and a worthwhile change of health mindset could finally make you prevail against the unsightly and harmful belly fat.

Food is the number one key to consider when losing belly fat. Some foods, like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are not only fat-free; they also contain vitamins and minerals that boost metabolism needed to burn belly fat faster and more efficiently, and fiber that cleanses the stomach and the intestinal system and thus which could also get some undigested fat out of the body. Foods like lean neat, beef, veal, and fish contain plenty of protein, needed to enlarge muscles, thus increasing metabolism even more. Proteins are also necessary building blocks of enzymes that ensure the smooth functioning of cellular metabolic processes. There are foods, however, that should be avoided, like excessively fatty foods (visible fat from meat should be removed during preparation), sweets, sugars, and other foods with 'empty calories' - do not eat these foods, or restrain yourself greatly, for they not only cancel the gains incurred in eating healthy foods, they could also be so tempting as to cut off your dietary rhythm and make you turn away from your original plan regarding calories and weight loss.

Exercise also supplements diet. A serious exercise program should dedicate about one hour a day for strenuous activity, like sprinting outside, bicycling, or lifting weights, as long as they are really strenuous; stationary exercises do not help as much, although they can serve as warm-ups for more sweaty activities. Cardio training, training to strengthen the cardiovascular system by exposing it to gradually more activity every day, and strength training, training geared to increase muscle size, are both essential halves of exercises that help in losing belly fat. Sedentary activity, furthermore should be shirked off; slacking off will annul many of the benefits of strenuous activity. While in the house, it would not hurt to being some exercises - while watching TV or listening to lively music, jog around, run around the staircase, or do some sit-ups or push-ups; they also count as important, but underlooked, ways to lose belly fat.

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