Angular Cheilitis Remedies To Try - By: Dakota Lindal

If you have recently had a paper-cut on your finger, I'm certain you would agree that it's incredibly painful and uncomfortable! Now just ponder having a paper-cut on your lips - sounds awful, doesn't it? Angular cheilitis sufferers reckon that battling with a case of cheilitis (almost describable as a bad case of chapped lips) is comparable to having paper-cuts in the corner of your mouth. Ouch!

One of the biggest problems with this condition is that you can find virtually as many angular cheilitis remedies as there are reasons for the condition! Only by understanding the true cause of your angular cheilitis will you be in a position to select the very best and right remedy.

A lack of Vitamin B is your enemy. Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12 are 2 really crucial things of the Vitamin B group. A Vitamin B deficiency can very easily trigger a weakened immune system which in turn may possibly lead to dry and chapped lips. Make certain that you invest in a vitamin B supplement - many supplements are accessible over the counter without a doctor's prescription. Your entire system needs vitamin B to function properly, so other than counting as one of the most effective angular cheilitis remedies, you are in actual fact boosting your entire system.

Another natural remedy to try out is milk. Angular cheilitis is usually caused by a kind of fungus or a bacterial infection and a glass of milk contains enzymes which will assist in eliminating the bacteria. Whilst we're on the subject of dairy products, you may perhaps also want to invest in a couple of plain yogurt tubs. Yogurt ranks quite high on the list of angular cheilitis remedies and can also be taken by babies, teenagers and adults, making it an easily accessible and safe treatment method.

If you are suffering with a more severe case of angular cheilitis, you may have to go for a more aggressive kind of treatment. This is in the form of an antibacterial ointment, lotion or soap. Once again, most of these remedies are offered over the counter, but for really extreme cases you may possibly need to pay a visit to your local doctor for a prescription.

I know it is easier said than done, but don't lick your lips, specifically when it's dry! Licking your lips may perhaps provide temporary relief, but you are causing more harm than good as the fungus genuinely prefers moist and wet conditions - you are in actual fact making a breeding ground for more bacteria! Rather purchase a top quality lip balm or Vaseline and use it as often as possible.

Personal hygiene is also very important. As with all conditions prevention is far better than cure and a right mouth care routine can go an incredibly long way in avoiding angular cheilitis.

There are many angular cheilitis treatments and remedies offered on the marketplace. Just remember - if you have experienced with several methods without success you should rather pay your doctor a visit. Do not wait until your lips start to burst and bleed - this is prevented!

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