Introducing The New And Improved 800 Calorie Diet Regime - By: Oscar Platikus

So you've examined the wonderful success people have had loosing weight on Dr. Simeons HCG Eating plan. You desire to go on this diet regime yourself but are worried about the 500 calories you've got to limit yourself to. Well now industry experts have found that you can increase your food consumption and still shed the same quantity of weight.

You have to realize that the original diet designed by Dr. Simeons as depicted in his self-published pamphlet "Pounds and Inches" was produced over fifty years ago. As with all good things, there are improvements made through the years with more study and adjustments. The HCG Diet plan is no different. After working with thousands of patients on this food plan many changes and advances have been applied. Some of these modifications consist of:

- Calories - The major change is in the number of calories you can intake. It has gone from a diet regime of 500 calories to an eating plan of 800 calories. 6oz of protein is recommended on the 800 Calorie Process. Numerous physicians feel this is safer and more sustainable and are more apt to approve of this diet regime for you.

- A lite protein breakfast is granted along with your tea or coffee.

- Veggies - You had been only permitted a restricted variety of vegetables. Now you could have a bigger variety of greens. Up to 2 cups of vegetables per meal.

- Miracle Noodles- These are calorie free and carbohydrate free. Made of Glucomannan that helps balance your blood sugar levels. Enjoy!

Injection vs Oral - The initial diet plan recommended only injections of HCG administered by a physician. It's now found that the oral HCG drops are just as powerful and could be administered very conveniently by the dieter.

- Foods Allowed - The new version of the food regimen allows a greater choice of meals and there are several recipe books on the market today that make the eating plan a lot less difficult to tolerate. Before many people would cheat on the diet simply because of the limited variety in their diet and they simply felt they had to sneak something not on the food regimen for variety.

So, with this new, bettered version of the HCG Food regimen you will enjoy a safer, more sustainable diet plan that will give you the same amazing results as the original Dr. Simeons version. You will feel better and be more apt to stay with the eating plan with the better selection of foods and the higher calorie count granted.

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