What to Look for When Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes - By: Oscar Platikus

You find yourself in the market for auto insurance and have compared some quotes, but you need to understand what else you really need to look at in these comparisons. Of course the first item we always look at is going to be the price of the coverage, but your decision should be based on more than just price.

There is more to an auto quote comparison than just the rates that are presented to you in your search. This is not to say that the cost of the coverage is not important, however there are a few other considerations that should be kept in mind when you are comparing quotes.

Great Customer Service

It might sound clich?, but quality customer service in the insurance business is crucial in a time of crisis. You do not want to wait until you are in an accident in the middle of a freeway to find out your insurance company's customer service department prefers to have you wait on hold for extended periods of time rather than speaking with a representative. So, before you decide on one insurance company, pick up the phone and speak to a customer service representative and see how friendly and helpful they are before buying a policy with them.

Legal Entities

Check to make sure that the insurance agency has a valid license for operating in your state. In the event that you cannot pay your part of a claim there is a backup fund that can be used, but only if your insurance company is licensed in that state. This type of information can typically be found online, or you might have to call the company's customer service number to find out (a great question to ask customer service when you call to check them out).

Proven Track Record

Choose a company that has a solid reputation with their customers. Ask others that you know who are insured with that company, look online for reviews, or even check with the Better Business Bureau for any comments or complaints. You want to be sure that the company you select has a reputation for handling their client's claims in a timely and professional manner.

Financial Stability

Check on the financial stability of the company you are seeking insurance from. There is a rating system that is appointed to companies who are struggling financially and are facing potential bankruptcy, versus the ones that are exceeding their financial goals. This is important as you do not want to be left uninsured later if your insurance company goes out of business.

Competitive Pricing

Finally, the most important factor to consider when comparing quotes, the prices that are disclosed. You want to be sure that the company you choose to carry your auto insurance policy is offering a price that fits into your budget and provides the coverage you need.

Comparing auto insurance quotes does not have to be a lengthy process. With just a little time online and a little foot work you can get an accurate price quote on auto insurance from a wide range of companies.

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