Kitchen Design For Small Spaces - By: Max Muller

Creating a kitchen design for a small space is much different from .designing for a larger, more open space. There are many more considerations to take into account, and as the space is far less overall, there are certain considerations that need to be looked at in much more detail. It is true to say that you will be restricted if you have a smaller kitchen, but this does not mean you must settle for less than an ideal kitchen. There are now many designers who work specifically on the creation of small kitchen units and there are many ideas to consider based on their work.

You don’t simply need to reduce the size of a larger kitchen into a smaller space, which is the way people used to do it in the past. This simply leads to a squashed and cluttered look which is not very attractive. There are now designs that let you create compact kitchen units that are able to fit all your necessary kitchen equipment in a very small space. These days, even one square meter is enough to bring a fully functional kitchen-dining area to your home.

Small modular kitchens: You should look at small modular kitchens created and designed by professional designers. You can now find kitchens that occupy only one square meter when closed and can serve as a dining table in this state. You can also find places for an induction cook top, a refrigerator, an oven and a storage space for different kitchen tools and tableware. Something like this design would be perfect for a small kitchen.

The 360 degrees kitchen: This is one of the great kitchen design ideas to research and consider in order to find what you really need. It will provide you with a lot of broader ideas and you will be surprised at what’s possible. The 360 degrees kitchen is designed by Farziska Winter, Katrin Sillmann and Ulrike Sandner and is a flexible mobile kitchen unit with diverse areas for cooking, eating and cleanup. The tower that provides users with storage shelves can be rotated 360 degrees, which is part of the quality of this small kitchen design.

Focus on function: When you have a small space you need to focus on function. Don’t think about having a kitchen with all the bells and whistles in order to accommodate eating, laundry, cooking duties, work and recreational functions. It is important to realize that the function of a small kitchen is to focus on meal preparation. While you focus on function, ensure that you have the appliances and work areas that are most necessary. In order to save some space you might need to use scaled down appliances, including your refrigerator and freezer drawers, microwaves, stoves and single sinks. This will ensure that the functions you really need are in place, without wasting any extra space.

If you find that the workspace is very minimal, then you should think about using a small-scale island or counter-topped cart that can be rolled away somewhere when it’s not being used. As you have a small kitchen space to use, think about using clean and contemporary lines, a simple monochromatic color scheme and downsized appliances combined with an open plan kitchen design.

As you can see from the above, there are many ways to design a kitchen for small spaces and provide a very attractive kitchen in the process. In order to explore this avenue further, you should read magazines and find pictures of small kitchens that you admire, and which share the small space as your own kitchen.

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