Use herbal products for glowing skin and healthy hairs - By: Sunil Henna

When it comes to choosing beauty products, many of us are left perplexed as to what would suit our skin the best. There are many chemical based products in the market today, many of which leave our skins worse than they were before use.

Modern research has proven that compared to chemical based beauty products, natural products have no side effects on any skin or hair types. We are exposed to numerous kinds of pollutants everyday, which are harmful, leaving behind dead cells. For that ever glowing youthful skin and healthy hair, we require nutrients every day.

Excessive use of chemicals not only leaves our skin and hair dry, many problems such as acne, scaly skin and split-ends are some of the common problems faced. While chemical based products are not recommended for daily use, you can, without hesitation use herbal products regularly.

Use of natural products guarantees a long lasting effect, as opposed to synthetic products. Teenagers and young adults can unwaveringly use herbal beauty products without fearing any harm to their young and soft skins. Even the mildest chemical based products advise teenagers' against the use of it.

Every herb has its own drug interactions, contra-indications chemical configuration, and mode of actions. With herbal products you can be assured that every herb used in the product has different properties, thus, the user gets the best possible value for money. Moreover, natural products do not have any preservatives; hence, there is no chance of drug overindulgence.

Natural products not only make use of herbs but also medicinal and ayurvedic plants mentioned in Yajur veda which had been used by the sages, dating as much as thousand years back. Herbs had been used eons before chemical based beauty products were even introduced.

Herbal product make use of ingredients such as Aloe Vera, papaya, apricot, amla, shikhakai, henna, turmeric, sandal, basil, cereal bran, neem, orange, bark and leaves of medicinal plants, khus, and mint amongst many other everyday items.

Moreover, when using the natural products, one gives back to the environment and economy. The products used are locally grown and processed in Cottage industries. This ensures employment for the locals and reducing drain of wealth from India.

For the environment conscious, one can be assured that herbal products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. The face packs and masks used and washed off would no way harm the environment. Hence, it is always recommended to use natural product over chemical based products.

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