Pergola Plans: Easy To Build Design - By: Jacob Faliano

For some great plans to build a pergola visit The plans will fit on a 10 ft. square base. They can be modified very easily to fit an area 8x8, 8x10, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, or just about any size.

The guide will show you how to build a pergola from start to finish. The pictures are very detailed, and the instructions are very easy to follow. It will guide you every step, from start to finish. It also includes different designs that can be used. The optional designs also include the plans so they can be changed to any style you want. Building a pergola yourself will be an effortless task with the help of these plans.

You begin by installing the post anchor, leveling the 4x4 post, and installing the support beams. Lay the post out the size you want, making sure it is squared. One way to check is to measure diagonally, making sure both ways end up with the same measurement.

Next you assemble the crossbeams, trim, and brace. The pressure treated 4x4 post will be covered using cedar or redwood trim, by adding the trim you will hide the pressure treated post to give the pergola a nice look. The notched crossbeams and brace will make this pergola sturdy. 2X6 cedar or redwood can be used.

The last step you will assemble the 2x4 slats and post caps. The slats are also notched. The post caps will protect the post from water and moisture to the post. Add construction adhesive to the post caps to give it added protection.

Adding a pergola can be an inexpensive project, and will certainly add a handsome look to your backyard. Building it yourself can be done effortless by following the instructions on the plans. The structure is very simple and can be built by just about anyone, even if you little or no building experience. Most of the tools are very common to most homes. Some of the tools will consist of a circular saw or table saw, jigsaw, hammer, and a power drill.

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