Teletrack is a record that keeps the credit performance of an individual in the past transactions. It mentions all the information related to credit of the individual and people facing problems like of bad credit records, including arrears, bankruptcy, defaults, CCJs, IVA, foreclosure, etc. are the ones that suffers a lot due to this teletrack as the lender don't trust them and are afraid of staking their funds with such borrowers. These people when face problem of funds shortage are left with no option to arrange. Even close friends and relatives can't help every time and being rejected by the lenders every time is of quite embarrassment to them. They require a solution that does not considers their bad record and considers the present income and future prospects of the person. This is the teletrack payday loans scheme.

Under the teletrack payday loans scheme all are provided with the benefits without discrimination. As it is credit check free all the people's gets instant approval provided they satisfy the criterion for the lender. More immediate approval for funds is possible with this scheme. The criterion that is mentioned above is discussed as follows:

• You should be a US citizen
• You should not be having a bad credit score
• You should be 18 years or above in age
• You should have a fixed source of income sufficient enough to guarantee repayment
• You should have a valid bank account

Now what next is that you should fix an appropriate lender and fill his online application form available on his webpage? There after your application form is scanned for validity on the basis of which you are approved and the funds are immediately transferred to your checking's or savings bank account in a US bank. The best advantage of the scheme is easy repayment by managing your monthly income.

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