7 Funny Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Break Up With You - By: CD Mohatta

Breaking up with your boyfriend is definitely not an easy task. You can expect him to beg and plead you to come back. You can even expect him to wave sayonara to his manliness by crying in front of you or to even threaten that he will do something to himself. Yawn! Skip the nonsense. Make him break up with you. Play the victim and automatically you will become the good person. His sympathies will be with you and you don't have to worry about a lunatic ex-boyfriend stalking you. Here are funny ways to make your boyfriend break up with you.

1. Turn up for dates looking like an X-mas tree. Boys hate overdressed up girls. Since he's your boyfriend, he may ignore your overdressing up at times. But if you turn up for all your dates wearing lousy colors and glitter fabric, soon he will begin to feel embarrassed walking with you.

2. Now if he is really interested in you, he may be patient in waiting for dates sometimes. But if you make him wait for hours all the time and are not even apologetic about it, it won't be long before he breaks down.

3. Overreact for the smallest of things. Use water power (tears) to get your way all the time. Boys hate girls who overreact all the time.

4. Perpetually talk about your ex-boyfriend. What can be more awkward than having a girlfriend who just won't stop chatting about how romantic her first kiss with her ex-boyfriend was?

5. Purchase him a Barbie doll for his next birthday. Keep getting him such cheesy and corny gifts like Pink colored T-shirts and teddy bears. If he at any point of time says he doesn't like them, use water power!

6. Talk about marriage, children and grandchildren with him. Discuss their names and the clothes that you will buy for them all the time. It won't be long before he begins to think that you are some kind of a weird psycho.

7. No boy will be able to tolerate so much. He will finally break down and confess that he wants to end things with you. When he does that, transform into this total drama queen by crying and weeping your lungs out. Also take time to throw out abuses to him. Make sure that you carry lots of glycerin all the time. You can ensure he will not even dream of coming back to you.

Now that you are single, it's new boyfriend time! May you find a prince. Go girl!

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