NLP & Mental Health: Can NLP help combat depression? - By: john devis

According to researchers mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are on the rise. Over 18.8 million American adults suffer from depression or the equivalent of 9.5% of the adult population in the US.

People are looking for answers and increasingly people are turning towards alternative approaches to try to combat depression.

NLP or Neuro Linguisitc Programming is very effective for helping people change their thoughts, feelings and improve their emotional baseline – the feelings they have on a consistent basis.

NLP can help people who suffer from depression, yet there isn't a one stop magical cure in most cases. The first thing to do before using NLP for mental health issues is seek professional medical advice.

What I'm what I'm saying here does not represent professional medical advice.

But with that said, how can NLP help you if you do suffer from depression?

Well one of the big things NLP is very good at is helping you change your thoughts.

In NLP we presume that all thoughts, feelings and actions can be regarded as a behavior. So if you expand this idea, in NLP terms we could describe somebody who has depression, with respect, as doing the behavior called depression. By that I mean is that they have certain habitual thoughts and feelings that they experience that produce of depression.

Through specific NLP techniques and processes anyone can learn how to influence their thoughts and feelings. A good place to get an overview of the core techniques of NLP is to purchase Dr. Richard Bandler's book, "Get The Life You Want".

With the help of an expert NLP Practitioner or trainer, you can learn to retrain and reeducate your mind and body so that you can change your habitual thoughts and feelings that previously lead you to feeling bad or down.

The process will likely take some time, but millions of people around the world have use the technology of NLP to help change their lives for the better.

NLP isn't a magic cure, but it can help create choices and options to dealing and transforming habitual thoughts and feelings that previously you weren't aware of.

The bottom line is no one isn't required to feel bad indefinitely, nor should they have to.

The technology of NLP may help you regain control and enable you to re-train your mind and body to respond more in the ways you want.

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