Emulsion Paints to Give Improved Finish than Distempers - By: Rohan Sinha

Have you ever imagined this world without colours? It will look like watching the universe through a black & white lens. Colours are meant to fill our world with joy, excitement and prosperity. In simple world, colours are like gems to an ornament. They make our life look different and unique. This is the reason nature has made such a perfect use of colours to let our eyes enjoy its beauty in the most beautiful form.

A proper use of colours in your home is very important as it affects the overall appearance of your home. You can't use an interior wall colour on to an exterior wall as it will spoil the entire look of your home. To get better paint finish, I would recommend using emulsion paints as they are known to deliver smooth finish to walls. Earlier people were used to apply distempers but today emulsion paints are being used in different parts of the world.

Emulsion paints provide individuals with an opportunity to choose from a wide range of interior as well as exterior colours which was simply not possible in case of distempers. Although distempers ruled the paint industry for many years, but emulsion paints are simply great. Paint companies too suggest different colours and emulsions for different surfaces.

The major advantage of using pain emulsions is that they last longer as compared to distempers and give a better finish to walls. Emulsion paints are generally oil-based paints that are made by mixing two non-immiscible liquids together. They generally deliver a clouded look due to the mixture of multiple substances. Paint pigments are suspended in different solvents which in turn perform the task of controlling the viscosity of emulsion paints.

These paints also contain fillers which are meant to fulfill various requirements such as increasing the paint volume, thicken the films, increases longevity, and form a base structure for the paint to settle in feasibly. This is the reason why emulsion is treated by paint companies to act differently in different conditions or by different application methods. Moreover, paint companies might add certain additives to enrich it with different properties which may be sold under different categories for different types of users. These properties may include water resistance, fungus and mildew resistance, stain resistance, and anti-bacterial growth etc.

The life of emulsion paint is more and they last for almost 8-9 years. Moreover, they help deliver an improved finish and a rich shine which is usually not possible with distempers.

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