How to Drink Different Wines in Healthy Ways - By: Anita zhu

We often say that drinking too much could harm body health, but the appropriate amount of drinking has specific functions on keeping healthy.

Fruits wine: Fruits wine extracts all the nutrients in fruits such as rich vitamins and amino acids. Fruits wine contains a lot of polyphenols substances and plays roles of antioxidant, anti-aging and protecting heart. The most famous fruit wine is grape wine which could prevent cardiovascular disease, protect liver and prevent radiation. Hawthorn wine is beneficial to spleen and stomach and it could stimulate food digestion; apple wine could soften vessels and help lose weight; plum wine could prevent allergy and refresh spirit. Adult men should not drink more than 250 ml every day and women should not exceed 150 ml.

Beer: Beer is very nutritious and it contains a lot of sugar, protein, amino acid and vitamins. It is suitable for people who have constipation and thirst. But it contains a lot of sugar and it is easy to get fat if people drink too much. It is better to drink beer with nuts and soya-beans. The fat and fiber in nuts could slow down the alcohol absorbing speed while soya-beans could prevent the occurrence of beer belly. Adult men should not drink more than 750 once and women should not exceed 450 ml.

Rice wine: Rice wine has obvious effect on nourishing human body. It contains a lot of protein, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and a certain amount of sugars, organic acids, and amino acids. It is suitable to drink in winter. Cold drink could cure tachycardia, anorexia, and irritability, while hot drink could relieve blood stasis, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain and numbness. It is better to eat plum with rice wine because it could protect liver and relieve the harm of alcohol to liver. Do not drink too much once, otherwise the nutritional substances could not be absorbed by human body.

White spirit: The raw materials of making white spirit are mainly sorghum, wheat and corn. It is suitable for people who have stroke, arthritis and numbness. Drink a little white spirit at the beginning of cold could prevent cold. Cold dishes are the best collocation for white spirit.

Although these different wines have different good aspects and characteristics, its benefits are shown within certain limits. As it exceeds a certain degree, they will harm our body. Therefore, we should learn to control alcohol intake and do not drink too much.

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