Optional Extras for Tim Internet Articles Administration Application web sites - By: Timothy R Wade

Classified Ads

Setup your own personal Classified Ads web site with this addon, and make it possible for your web site visitors to retail merchandise for selling. Prospective buyers then speak to sellers by means of the web site to obtain merchandise.

Commenting System

Let your web site visitors (with permission picked by you) remark on specific pages or elements on your web site. Gather valuable feedback and answer questions on your products and services. It is all great free content submitted by your website visitors - commenting systems are great for indexible content for Google!

Custom User Data Collection

Probably you want to collect distinct facts as a guest registers on your web site, that may be distinct to your enterprise? Add up to 20 custom fields on your web site users profile, or make some compulsory upon registration. (Typically only first and last name, username and e-mail address are collected upon registration).

Discussion Forums

Allow your end users to publish news and inquiries, and let other individuals to observe and answer. Produce current market particular (and free) content from your website visitors - all indexible by Search engines. Discussion topics and design and style would be set by class or subcategory.

Event and Venue Calendar Addon

Post occasions (or permit your visitors to) and venues with pictures in a categorized list, and permit event registration by your word wide web site readers. (In addition performs alongside the Communal Networking addon, adding occasions to a users profile).

Helpdesk Support Ticket System

Do you work in the support trade or need to deliver client assistance with your goods. The Helpdesk Support Ticket System facilitates your web site viewers to construct support tickets that any number of support division or operatives can then resolve or esculate, automatically informing the client, every single action of the activity. Operatives can check out all notes on their assigned tickets.

Jobs & Recruitment System

Publish a Recruitment portfolio on your internet site and record vacancies for on-line applications. Work opportunities may be published by just you, or everybody you care to make it possible for.

Online Client Testimonials

Make it possible for your customers to put up testimonials for approval, on-line. As quickly as these are accepted, they will appear on your opinions web page, and develop a greater very first influence to your web sites readers.

Online Directory

Setup an Online Directory of anything. Enable visitors to publish their own entries inside your directory. All fields can also be personalized and this addon might be utilized for endless listing applications, for example a Business Directory. We will set up all of your directories categories and subcategories, if given in the requested structure.

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