Marina di Ragusa, the perfect beach for family vacations - By: Michele De Capitani

Spending your holidays in a seaside resort is the dream of many people: of the people who have worked hard a whole year and in summer only wish to relax; of young people, who think about the many possibilities that a holiday at the sea can offer, from sport to fun; of older people, who benefit from the air and the iodine of the sea and have advantages for their health; last but not least, of families with children, as children can bath in the sea, build sand castles and make all sorts of games while parents enjoy the sun and try to relax a bit.

If we had to decide which of these categories of people most appreciate a sea holiday, we would probably choose families with children: for many families it is difficult to think about other types of vacation. Visiting cities, indeed, might cause some problems as your children might get bored about museums and monuments; you might choose a mountain holiday, but if your children are still very young they would probably get tired of walking, although there is no doubt that nature and mountain air can bring many advantages to children, and not only to them. Taking all these factors into consideration, it is not difficult to understand that a holiday in a seaside resort can really be the perfect choice for you and for your children.

However, sea and beach are not enough to make a city fit for you, and above all for your children: there are some factors, indeed, that make a seaside resort better than others in welcoming children and in contributing to their fun. As far as Italy is concerned, we can certainly claim that Marina di Ragusa, in Sicily, is the ideal travel destination for families with children, and an evidence of this is given by the "green flag" that Marina di Ragusa has just received. This is an important award that is given to those cities that have all those peculiarities that can make a travel destination good also for children: sandy beaches, a clean sea, shallow water near shore, but also services, ice-cream parlours, sport equipments and so on.

The best Italian beaches for children (Marina di Ragusa and 24 more) have been chosen by 418 paediatricians, who have judged the Italian seaside resorts according to specific parameters. The survey has been conducted by Italo Farnetani - professor of Scientific Communication at the University of Milan Bicocca - for the journal "Ok la salute prima di tutto" in collaboration with the Italian Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics and the Umberto Veronesi Foundation. According to Prof. Farnetani, for a seaside holiday to be perfect, both children and parents should be satisfied. This means that a beach for families should offer all that an adult and a child might desire: children do not like isolated and calm beaches, they have more fun in those resorts where they can find sport equipments, games and where they are given the possibility to make many activities. But also parents, and not only children, need to enjoy their holidays: this is why families should choose those beaches where also adults are given the possibility of having fun, doing sport, meeting friends and having a drink.

Marina di Ragusa, as evidenced by the green flag that it has just received, have all these features, and is the perfect travel destination for your family!

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