Laser Removal is the Best Tool for Eradicating Ugly Spider Veins - By: Angela Faye Smithers

Spider veins are the tiny blood vessels with a bursting shape that often radiate from a center. The can also appear as a bunch of separated lines or as branches radiating from a central trunk. Spider veins can show up anyplace on the body but are most often spotted in the calves, ankles and facial area.

Spider veins are caused when there is an abnormal blood flow. Pressure on the veins can be caused by extended periods of sitting or standing along with gaining weight. Pregnant women often encounter a case of spider veins due to the weight gain they go through. Other factors that are related to spider veins include certain medications, aging, and hereditary factors. Spider veins appearing on the face may be related to overexposure to the sun.

Laser treatment for spider veins has a high success rate. The tiny size of spider veins made them difficult to treat in the past. Laser removal is ideal in the treatment of spider veins with its capability to target small areas. Treatment with laser may not completely exterminate all imperfections but the majority of individuals that choose laser removal were very satisfied with the results.

After your spider vein laser removal treatment, you will likely experience swelling and redness to the area that was treated. The veins will likely turn a purplish color that looks like a small bruising. The bruising, swelling and any redness will disappear in just a few days time. Your doctor will recommend icing the area to reduce the swelling. The length of recovery depends on the healing traits of the individual and their willingness to follow the doctor's orders to the letter.

During the healing process the red spider veins are significantly diminished and the skin is will return natural uniform state. This treatment does not block future development of spider veins. Some people experience discomfort with their spider veins and so they embrace the laser treatment to remove their pain. A considerable portion of clients opt for laser removal of their spider veins for cosmetic reasons. This is often a service offered at most medical spas. You should also be able to be treated by your dermatologist.

If you lack insurance or your insurance carrier will not cover the procedure, financing your treatments is another option you have. Most doctors offer at least one of these plans and if you meet the requirements, the paper work is often handled right there in the doctor's office.

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