Golf Swing Tips - Mechanics to Play a Consistent Game - By: JackJ Reynolds

In spite of having good practice and training you might not be able to get success in golf, which could be bothering to you. The problem lies in your golf swing mechanics. The motion of the body is the most important aspect of playing golf other than the golf swing and stamina. In golf swing mechanics one can frame a great swing with the necessary body rhythm and alignment.

To take the perfect shot one needs to coordinate with sequences and the movement of the body. Some very supportive golf swing mechanics can be followed to win the golf match. Make sure that whenever you take the position of the left shoulder coil around your back you need to shift your body weight to your right foot. You need to allow your hips to slide back a bit and head is in a raised position. To take a great shot you need to keep your head in this raised manner and the said position with a slight movement in the hip and your back adjustment.

You can also try another golf swing motion by standing straight with ones hips shifted towards your right a few inches and whirl your arms anti-clockwise to take a straight shot by moving the hips a bit once again. Essentially your swing should feel like a sliding motion and this will surely result in a perfect shot when practiced consistently.

You might actually feel quite uncomfortable and at times you may lose your body balance, when you are sliding your back but to gain the accurate body balance you need to practice it regularly. You will eventually be able to take a good shot without much body discomfort and connect yourself to the ball position. To avoid hurting yourself and to gain proper balances try to take control of the ball by aligning your body angle and movement to get it to 90 degrees or more.

To keep the heel raised to get that golf back swing is suggested by many golf experts but one also needs to remember that one should keep their feet grounded so that the balance of the body is maintained. I feel it is better to take a proper shot than a long shot that makes you uncomfortable with creating tension in your heel and back while balancing a shot.

Lastly one needs to remember that these golf swing mechanics come with some amount of practice and over a period of time one can get perfect with it. Try keeping your movements natural by not bothering too much about these practices.

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