Juvederm: Pick it up for facial skin needs - By: Maria Adli

For women seeking help with problems like age lines and wrinkles, Juvederm acts as a product. This is a gel that gets interjected into the skin to restore your skin's appearance and give you a smoother looking face. The results done through the FDA have helped to confirm that this product can last up to a year once it is used. It comes in two different formulas that are tailored specifically to deal with your own needs in terms of skin healthcare. The unique manufacturing process used is what makes Juvederm work better than others that use hyaluronic acid as part of their formula.

The healthcare provider is one you need to consult with in order to determine, if this product is best for your skin's needs. It is applied by injections of Juvederm that will help to fill in the treatment area so it gets immediate reaction in a positive way to the gel. With the help of your healthcare provider, this product can work to truly improve and restore your face's skin quality in a way that can last the process where the injections are not painful. The addition of lidocaine to the gel helps to reduce the risk of pain during injections. Some physicians may also elect to numb the area before making an injection.

The injections only take about 15 minutes and can be done without any long process of preparation. However, your health care provider may wish to have a consultation before you actually do have the injection. Normally, after your initial injection there will be a need for follow up injections to preserve the affects. So you should be prepared to allow for more visits to your health care provider to continue the treatments. Once you have experienced the results and see how much they improve your face and skin then you will truly wish to continue with more injections. Juvederm has been proven to be effective with people with different types of skin pigmentation colors. Some studies have shown that there is a higher risk of scarring with certain skin colors. Consult your health care provider to get assistance with determining if this could be a problem in your situation.

The Juvederm method has proven to be one that has provided countless benefits to its users. Those who have tried it have found it to honestly improve their skin problems. It has been thoroughly researched to assure that its customers get the results needed from the product and it continues to provide help after used for the first time.

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