Snap music: One of the Youngest Subgenres of Hip Hop & Rap - By: Luke Thomsen

If you are above the age of 40 then there are chances you would not know much about snap-music. But if that is the case, then ask you daughter or son, and perhaps, they'd even perform if for you. Indeed, Snap is one of the cool hip hop rap styles that support hip hop music. In simple words, Snap Music is the music to which you "snap" your fingers and move with the rhythm. This may seem relatively easy, but sure enough, it has its share of uniqueness which makes it stand apart.

The theoretical and technical elements of this subgenre are a slow paced beats, regular and timed clicking of fingers, and empty drums which create slick rhythms. Often as rappers rap, they get the audience involved and clapping or snapping along with them. In a well known episode in 2005, rapper turned actor, Will Smith, told the audience in Philadelphia's Live 8 concert to snap their fingers every 3 seconds to mark the death of malnourished African children. This went on to become a TV snap Ad.

The names that laid the foundation stone, for the emergence of this form, are D4L and Dem Franchise Boyz; both of whom fought for the credit. The former gave us "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit IT" and the latter gave us "Laffy Taffy"; both of which are super hits. It was DJ Smurf a.k.a. Mr. Collipark who is credited as the inventor of Snap-Music.

Snap Music first originated in Atlanta. Like the other forms of Hip Hop, it gradually made its way to the other parts of America. It is perceived that snap is inspired from Crunk music and it is ATL's Crunk style. But, the genres are quite different. While Crunk has high energy, Snap has an unhurried feel to it. An occasional whistle or a polyrhythmic combination can be heard; this is done to enhance the feeling of the music. It is also said that the music was made for the club-crowd and initially was meant for the dance-enthusiasts; but as the form evolved and emerged, it turned out to be rather slow.

However, you will find an audience for this type music as well. Here, the hip hop lyrics are often simple with not much depth or story. But then again, how many rap songs have depth and story these days? So, if you are a teenager or a young adult, you might just enjoy the change that Snap offers.

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